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Things to do in Thomasville, Georgia

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There are so many great things to do in Thomasville, Georgia. This small city is near the Florida state line in the Red Hills Region in Southwest Georgia. I’ve visited this quaint city almost every year since my daddy married a Thomasville native nearly a decade ago.  

Furthermore, I love small towns. Despite my numerous international exploits and insatiable desire to explore, the small Southern cities stole my heart long ago.  My love of small towns in the South started during my childhood visits to my great-grandparents’ home in rural North Carolina.  

I picked everything I loved in the city to share with you and hopefully inspire you to visit.  It’s a unique time to take a road trip to visit local gems and Thomasville. 

Things to do in Thomasville, Georgia

Lapham-Patterson House

The Historic Lapham-Patterson House

As a national historic landmark, the Lapham-Patterson House showcases Victorian Era history and architecture. This yellow, hexagonal-shaped house was built in 1884-85 as a winter cottage for the famous shoe merchant C.W. Lapham from Chicago, who wanted to spend time in Thomasville due to its mild climate and fresh air.

As a survivor of the Great Chicago Fire, Lapham was paranoid about being trapped in a burning building so he fashioned the house with an exit in every room, there are 50 in total. Additionally, there are several too-short archways and a kaleidoscope of wooden floor panels. The Lapham-Patterson house
became a national historic landmark in 1975 because of its architectural significance. It’s a great place to take a guided tour and learn more about the Victorian Era of creative engineering and craftsmanship. 

Hunt for the Lost Quail 

If you’re visiting this historical city with children and/or grandchildren, hunting for lost quail is fun in Thomasville, Georgia. Visitors can ‘hunt’ quail by spotting the 18 bronze quail statues hidden all over the historic downtown area. It’s a fun scavenger hunt for kids and adults. The goal is to locate all 18 quail and, in the process, gain a larger appreciation for the natural and historic Thomasville.

Flowers Museum

The Flowers Foods Museum is an interactive exhibit of the 100-year history of Flower Foods. It’s an experience to understand and appreciate the history of the company and its connection to Thomasville. It’s located in the Flower Foods Heritage Center, which is a 104-year-old building that now showcases the company’s milestones from a family-owned local bakery to a multi-billion-dollar food company that produces baked goods for brands such as Nature’s Own, Wonder, Dave’s Killer Bread, and Tastykakes. 

Thomasville History Museum 

two kids in front of antique car at the Thomasville History museum

From the Lapham-Patterson house, mosey across the street to the Thomasville History Museum.  This museum highlights the history of the city. The museum aims to preserve history by sharing these stories through celebration and experiential learning.

My kids loved the antique firetruck. Seven historic buildings behind the main structure are worth visiting.

Jack Hadley Black History Museum 

child looking at mammie doll at Black history museum. thins to do in thomasville georgia

The Jack Hadley Black History Museum educates its visitors on African Americans’ local and national history and culture. Its almost 5,000 artifacts emphasize the many achievements of the city’s Black community. It’s a must-visit museum in the city to view history dating back to slavery, buffalo soldiers, and many other critical times in history. 

Taste of Tomasville Food Tour

A unique way to learn more about Thomasville is by taking a walking food tour. Experience the state and national award-winning food by strolling around downtown Thomasville and sampling the amazing and divine food. It’s the best way to experience local southern fare. 

Rose Garden

Thomasville, Georgia, has named itself the “City of Roses” because of its annual Rose Festival. The rose garden is a beautiful excursion where you can stroll through the many gardens of unique and exquisite roses. On 5 acres of land, the beauty and fragrance of the roses are beyond measure. Over 1,500 rose bushes and four themed beds include Heroes, Holidays, Love & Cherish, and Famous People. 


Where to Eat in Thomasville, Georgia 


Jonah’s Fish & Grits 

As the name suggests, Jonah’s Fish and Grits is famous for just that. The shrimp and grits dish is a favorite in the area. Named after the prophet Jonah, the restaurant owner wanted to share the journey from struggle to accomplishment. It’s a place for great food and service, which is the goal and mission of this fantastic restaurant.


Grassroots Coffee 

This place along Main Street was my daily go-to for my drug of choice, caffeine. Grassroots Coffee roasts its beans. It’s a great spot to grab breakfast, lunch, or relax after strolling through the historic downtown of Thomasville. The company now wholesales its beans to over 200 retail stores, restaurants, and coffee shops. 

Sweet Grass Dairy

Sweet Grass Dairy has evolved to allow their cows to graze on fresh grass. Combined with natural South Georgia resources, that has allowed the company to grow and produce renowned cheeses. The company now distributes to over 38 states with a product line of six core cheeses. Sweet Grass Dairy has won over 30 domestic and international awards over its years of business. It is a must-try!

Farmer’s Daughter Vineyard and Tasting Room 

For a fun outing, visitors must stop at the Farmer’s Daughter Vineyard and Tasting Room, which produces award-winning small-batch wines. The entire process, from start to finish, happens right in Thomasville. They have a tasting room where you can try their fresh wines.


Billiards Academy 

Another excellent food spot is Billiards Academy, where you can try the famous hotdogs. The restaurant opened in 1949 and has not changed much since then. The hotdogs and chili dogs have become infamous to visitors and residents alike because of their fresh and tasty ingredients.


AJ Moonspin Pizza

For the best pizza in Thomasville, AJ Moonspin Pizza is the place to try. The food is made with fresh and locally grown products paired with brick ovens to create a genuinely gourmet pizza. It is the place for great food and a warm and welcoming experience in Thomasville.


This historic town is brimming with charm. Thomasville is not only full of rich history but also an ever-expanding present. With many great museums and restaurants, it’s no wonder it’s a top small town to visit. Thomasville, Georgia, has so much to do, and seeing that will leave you feeling inspired and welcomed. 

Discover Thomasville hosted us; all opinions are entirely my own.

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