Travel Resources

by Tykesha77
Travel Resources

Travel Resources

 This page contains affiliate links, meaning if you buy/book something through one of my links, I may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you).

Wondering what travel resources I use to book flights or hotel rooms? Interested in learning what sites and services I use to support Black businesses when I travel?  Below you can find some of my favorite travel-related resources.  All of the websites and services listed here are products that I have personally used and often recommend to my friends.

Getting There…Booking Cheap Travel

** I recommend clearing your cookies prior to searching for any flights. I highly recommend before searching for any flight or rental car, that you switch your browser to incognito mode. To use an “incognito” window on a personal computer, open your browser, select “File” from the dropdown menu and click on “New Incognito Window.” To use the same function using the Safari browser, select “File” from the dropdown window, and select “New Privacy Window”.

Google Flights

If you have a set date and destination, Google Flights is a comprehensive flight search tool that’s a great starting off point to determine the cost range of flights. Once I have a ballpark idea of my flight expense, I then use other sites to verify that I’ve selected the best flight option for my family.



Skyscanner is a great tool to compare flight prices. It aggregates loads of options for all airlines. There’s also a really cool option where you can select your departure city and select “Everywhere” as your destination. Skyscanner also allows users to choose the “whole month” or “the cheapest month” as options.

You can also download the Skyscanner app to search for flights on your phone.

NOTE – I use these Google Flights and Skyscanner to find the best flight options for my family but I rarely book flights on these sites directly. Once I’ve narrowed down my search, I book my flights directly from the airline website.



Omio is a one-stop-shop for booking affordable train travel. This site is uber easy to use. I like Omio for its ease of use.  You can select your preferred language and the site helps you book your train travel cheaply.


CheapTickets is a third-party website that offers deals on flights and rental cars, but I use them mostly to find cheap rental cars.


Trip Inspiration


Pinterest is a visual search engine and it’s my go-to resource for creating vacation vision boards. Once I have a destination in mind, I use it to help me narrow down which vacation experiences I want to add to my family’s itinerary. 

Booking Hotels


Whether you need accommodations for one or you’re planning a retreat for your extended family, Airbnb has a variety of options. I love to use Airbnb to book accommodations in the less touristy parts of a destination when I want to get a taste of life as a local.



Once I’ve selected my destination, I always check TripAdvisor to help me decide which local companies offer the best tours and I’ve narrowed down my accommodations, I always check TripAdvisor to read hotel reviews from real customers.  Please note that anybody can leave a review of a hotel or experience but that’s why I like it. Many times, when I have to choose between two similar accommodations, I often compare the hotel’s marketing photos to the pictures posted by everyday travelers to help me make my choice.


Exploring & Tours

I support and recommend the following tour companies:

Intrepid Travel is an adventure tour company.  They offer local guides and small group tours all over the globe.


G Adventures for group tours. This tour provider keeps their groups small, so it’s great for solo travelers looking to explore. They have a number of cool tours all over the world.


Big Bus Tours this tour company specializes in open-top double-decker buses that allow you to hop on and off to explore your destination. They are located in  20 cities across 11 countries across the world.


Staying Connected

Skyroam Whether you need to check your emails in an airport abroad or are a remote worker, Skyroam is a portable mobile hotspot that can be used in more than 130 countries. There are plans for purchase and to rent, based on your trip needs.  Save 10% on your Skyroam with code MOMMAWANDERLUST


Baby Equipment Rental

BabyQuip is a baby equipment rental company with providers all over the U.S. and Canada. Families can rent items like strollers, cribs, and car seats, from BabyQuip while on vacation. You can pick up your rented items or arrange, for an additional fee, to have the items delivered and set up in your hotel or vacation rental. Use the promo code MOMMAWANDERLUST to save 10% off your next BabyQuip rental.


Travel Insurance

For travel insurance, I recommend World Nomads. The insurance coverage is quite comprehensive, and the website is easy to navigate.  But as with any insurance, always read the fine print to ensure it’s a good fit for your needs.


Supporting Black Business Resources

I support Black businesses no matter where I am on the planet.  If you’re like me and are interested in supporting Black businesses at home and when you travel, the following online resources can help:

The ABC Travel Greenbook by Martinique Lewis (e-book)

The ABC Travel Greenbook is a comprehensive travel guide that offers a myriad of ways to support Black businesses in travel. The listing is vast, providing options for every type of traveler from Black yacht, cycling, and motorcycle clubs to international Black history tours. The list is long and this book is a great investment.  


Black Nation

This free app can help you find Black-owned businesses wherever you are. The app also features business reviews and has a geolocator to help you find Black businesses near you. 



EatOkra is the first app to provide a directory of Black-owned restaurants. More than 2,500 eateries from across are listed. Restaurants can be searched by location and cuisine.


Official Black Wallstreet

The Official Black Wallstreet app is one of the largest directories of Black-owned businesses. It lists more than 50,000 businesses from 10 different countries. 


Where U Came From

This is an app and website and lists Black-owned businesses by keywords or categories. This site also allows users to rate companies from each category. 


Other Helpful Travel Sites

Everyone wants to save money, amirite? Here are a few newsletters that I subscribe to for airfare alerts:

The Flight Deal

Secret Flying

Airfare Watchdog

Travel Resources