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Simple Family Road Trip Tips

by Tykesha77
Family Road Trip Tips (cover)
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Looking for simple family road trip tips to help make your next adventure a cinch? Well, we’ve got you covered. As a kid, I LOVED road trips. Being on the open road, enjoying the change of scenery, seeing new places, and meeting new people excited me. But as a parent, family road trips can quickly become a nightmare if you don’t plan adequately.  But it doesn’t have to be a horrible experience. 

Simple Family Road Trip Tips

Here are some tips to make family road trips less stressful and fun. 

1.  Establish Expectations

As my children have gotten older, I’ve found it helpful to share trip logistics with them and lay out our expectations of them during the road trip.  Establishing road trip car rules has helped keep some order on long family road trips.

2.  Use Technology 

Technology is a gift… use it.  Both of my children have hand-held devices.  I do not hesitate to use them for a bit of entertainment.

3.  Download a New Movie

Use the tech we discussed in number one to download a new movie before hitting the road. A new film should occupy your children for a couple of hours.  My son loves superhero movies.  He can watch the same video a bazillion times.  But nothing captures his attention like a brand-spanking new movie.

4. Pack Plenty of Snacks and Water

Bring snacks that you know your kids love and will eat.  I like to pack dry snacks since they are easier to clean up.  I also pack the snacks in individual baggies for each child.  The individual packages help to cut down on disputes.  Sharing could lead to a backseat battle, which is easiest to avoid if you can.

5. Allow Each Child to Pack their own fun bag

Give your kids a bit of autonomy by allowing them to pack their fun bags.  We usually use their school backpacks for this.  Each child can select the toys or games they’d like to use on the road. 

6.  Bring a surprise bag

Have pre-made surprise bags made before the trip.  I generally will go to the Dollar store and stack up on a few new toys for the kids. I store them in brown paper bags and hand them out when they get tired of watching movies and playing with the toys they packed in their activity bag. 

7.  Make Stops Fun

Pre-plan your stops.  Park Finder contains a list of parks based on your location.  Look for a playground on your route and plan to stop to let the kiddos play.  You can enjoy snacks or lunch while the kids run off their energy.  Having a little break from the confines of the vehicle is excellent for everyone.

8. Be prepared for spills 

Pack wipes, napkins, and a full-sized bath towel in case of a small or mega spill.  We’ve experienced all kinds of accidents on the road, especially since our youngest gets motion sickness.  I’ll spare you the details, but we’ve had to use a full towel occasionally. 

9.  Invite a Relative 

Ask a family member to tag along if you need help.  I always prefer to travel with my momma.  The kids love spending time with her, and she makes travel with little people a cinch.

10. Take turns sitting with the kids

If a relative can’t ride along, take turns sitting in the back with the kids.  Having an adult in the back makes handing out snacks and refereeing disagreements easier.

11. Be Prepared for Potty Training Mishaps

If traveling with younger children, be prepared for potty training mishaps. Be sure to pack a full change of clothes, including a spare pair of underwear.  If your children are potty training or just finished potty training, it would be a good idea to have some pull-ups in the vehicle, too.

12.  Pack a bag for trash

A cluttered car could make a cramped space even smaller.  To avoid the backseat chaos, bring a few used grocery bags to collect trash. Dump the trash at each stop, cutting down on clutter and discomfort during the ride. 

13.  Relax and Enjoy 

Like some people, don’t read up on road trip horror stories before your big trip.  I am some people.  Seriously, relax and enjoy the adventure. Remember that your kids will get bored, and that’s okay.  In fact, in my opinion, boredom is suitable for kids.  It builds character.

Planning a family road trip can be exciting; even with their meltdowns and a bazillion potty breaks, it can be so much fun. Use some or all of these simple tips, or check out my post on Top Family Travel Hacks to help make your family road trip less stressful and enjoyable.

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Simple Family Road Trip Tips featuring top BIPOC travel writer Momma Wanderlust

Simple Family Road Trip Tips featuring Top BIPOC family travel blogger Momma Wanderlust


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