Cherry Blossoms in Washington, DC

by Tykesha77
Cherry Blossom Cover
Clusters of blooming trees
The Cherry Blossom during peak bloom at the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC

The blooming cherry blossom trees in Washington, DC are the official kick-off to spring in the region. The pink and white petals serve as a welcome to spring in the nation’s capital. Each year, the city hosts the National Cherry Blossom Festival which typically coincides with the trees’ peak bloom. Recently, the National Park Service announced its prediction for peak bloom this year, which is between April 2-5th. The three-week fete, that commemorates when the city received a gift of 3,000 Japanese cherry trees back in 1912. The trees were presented as a gift to enhance the friendship between America and Japan. 

Typically, more than 1.5 million people visit DC to enjoy the festivities. Each year my family and I like love to make the most of our spring breaks in DC, we do this by trying to attend at least one festival event. This year, the festival dates are March 20-April 14th. Most of the festival events take place along the Tidal Basin, near the National Mall. Many of this year’s events are being hosted virtually while others have been augmented to ensure the safety and health of the community. The cherry trees along the Tidal Basin are mostly Yoshino cherry trees. However, my favorite variety is the Kwanzan cherry trees that look like clusters of deep pink carnations in the trees. The Kwanzan blooms approximately two weeks after the Yoshino trees.

If you’d like to see the blooms in real-time, visit the Bloom Watch, or to attend any of the virtual events, visit the National Cherry Blossom Festival website. Visit the National Park Service for the latest information regarding the safety of seeing the blossoms. 

Here are 10 of my favorite photos of DC’s famous cherry blossoms from past cherry blossom festivals.

The view along the Potomac River in DC
Cherry Blossoms along the Tidal Basin in DC
The Washington Monument
The Tidal Basin in DC
The Tidal Basin in DC
Canopy of flowers
Cherry Blossom canopy
Paddle boats on the Potomac River during cherry blossoms
Festival goers enjoy paddle boats on the Potomac River
The Tidal Basin
People at festival
Throngs of people crowd together along the Potomac to enjoy the festivities
crowds at Tidal Basin
cluster of blossoms
The Washington Monument at the cherry blossom festival
*Updated March 24, 2021
Cherry Blossom Cover


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