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Best Family Travel Blogs to Follow Now

by Tykesha77
Best Family Travel Blogs to Follow Now by top BIPOC Family Travel Blogger Momma Wanderlust
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Let’s face it… travel can be a challenge. And when you add children to the mix, it can seem nearly impossible. However, family travel blogs are an invaluable resource for those determined to continue adventuring after becoming parents. Family travel bloggers offer an array of helpful information like how to budget for a family trip, find kid-friendly accommodations and activities, navigate travel with babies and toddlers, and make the most of a limited travel schedule.

If you’re looking for family-friendly travel inspiration, cost-saving tips, or a nudge to start planning your next adventure, these family travel blogs contain many family travel resources and a wealth of information.

These websites provide valuable information for families looking to plan their travel adventures and want to learn from the experiences of other families who have already traveled with kids. This group of family travel bloggers provides valuable insights, recommendations, and a sense of community for families with a passion for travel.

Here are our best family travel blogs to follow (in no particular order):

The Mom Trotter

This RV, homeschooling family is living the life of my nomadic dreams. I love to follow this account for travel savings insight, tips on downsizing, and teaching our children financial literacy. This blog provides tips not only on travel but gives readers great resources to help teach little ones about financial literacy and planning.

The Traveling Child

The Traveling Child provides detailed family-friendly destination guides and itineraries. The family shares their travel experiences with their two children, offering tips and advice for traveling with kids and recommendations for family-friendly destinations and accommodations.

Travel Babbo

This family travel site is run by dad Eric, who has taken his kids to over 80 countries; this blog provides valuable tips for family travel, including how to travel on a budget and keep kids entertained on long flights. I particularly love Eric’s travel photography content.

The Wandering Daughter

The Wandering Daughter blog follows the around-the-world adventure of a full-time travel family. On this blog, mom Astrid provides helpful tips for traveling with kids, ways to travel more responsibly through slow travel, and how to plan to take a gap year as a family.

The FUNemployed Family

This family of four sold their home to travel the world. After visiting 30 countries as a family, they share their experiences by recommending family-friendly destinations, hotels, and helpful travel products.  

The Jetsetting Family

This family of four sold everything they owned to have the freedom to travel more as a family. On their blog, you’ll find road trip tips, lists of fun things to do with kids in family-friendly destinations, cool staycation ideas, and more.

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The Spring Break Family

This travel blog by working parents highlights the need to take advantage of all the school breaks we get with our children. The site has educational travel tips, destination guides, and budget-friendly hacks.

The Family Voyage

This blog provides advice for family travel, including how to plan a trip with multiple generations, travel with young children, and make the most of a limited travel budget. The site also features several travel guidebooks for families.

We Chose Adventures

We Chose Adventures is a family travel website dedicated to helping families find adventures in the great outdoors. The site offers tips that range from which RV is the best fit for your family to top destinations for adventurous families.

Local Passport Family

Preethi, a mom of six, shares destination guides, packing tips, and family travel product recommendations on this blog. This blog also has parenting and teaching tips and snippets of their home life.

La Jolla Mom

La Jolla Mom is a San Diego-based luxury family travel blog. On this site, you’ll find vacation guides, luxury hotel reviews, and tips on how to get the most out of theme park visits.

The Bucket List Family

This family of five has been traveling the world since 2015 and sharing their adventures on social media. Their blog offers practical advice for family travel and inspiration for unique destinations.

Globetrotting Mama

This blog is run by a mom, Heather, who has traveled to over 30 countries with her family. On her blog, she shares travel and lifestyle tips, as well as advice on how to balance work and travel.

Wandering Wagars

This family travel blog is run by a Canadian family who has traveled to over 50 countries with their two kids. They offer destination guides and advice on family travel, including how to plan a long-term trip and how to make the most of a short vacation.

Full Suitcase

This blog provides detailed guides for family travel destinations worldwide, including Europe, Asia, and the Americas. It also offers tips for traveling with kids, such as dealing with jet lag and finding family-friendly accommodations.

Momma Wanderlust

Lastly, I had to add myself to this excellent list of family travel bloggers. I know it’s a shameless plug, but we’re proud of our family travel offerings. Momma Wanderlust focuses on the intersection of family travel, history, and culture. On my blog, you’ll find history-focused destination itineraries, guides, and practical tips on planning family vacations that everyone will enjoy.

Now, that’s a fantastic list of family travel blogs to bookmark as you prepare to plan your next family adventure. I hope you can use this best family travel blog list for inspiration, practical tips, recommendations, and community. Happy Trails!

Do you have a family travel blog that you love? Please share it in the comments below!

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