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Why UPPAbaby Strollers Are My Jam!

by Tykesha77

Our UPPAbaby Stroller lineup

I have been an UPPAmomma since I was pregnant with my first child, a little more than five years ago.  As a first-time mom, keeping my baby safe was my number one priority.  But as a traveler, being able to navigate through an airport with ease was also very important.  I needed something safe, comfortable and versatile.

When it was time to purchase a stroller, I did research…a ton of it!  I wanted a safe stroller, made from durable materials, that was also cute.  The UPPAbaby strollers and accessories checked all of my boxes.  I decided to purchase the UPPAbaby VISTA and I totally loved it!!

UPPAbaby Vista’s ginormous storage basket

The VISTA is large and comes with a load of features to include: a seat that reclines for naps on the go, a reversible seat that can be adjusted to face forward or backward, a peek-a-boo window, a sunshade, and my fave…a ginormous access basket.

Even though I LOVE and still use my VISTA, it isn’t always the most convenient stroller for air travel.  Because of the size of the VISTA, I generally would leave the stroller with the rest of our luggage during the check-in process.  But that left us without a stroller as we worked our way through security with a little one.

UPPAbaby G-LITE at Disney in Orlando, FL

To solve this issue, we purchased the UPPAbaby G-LITE.  The G-LITE is an uber lightweight, umbrella stroller. It has a convenient shoulder strap that we use when going through TSA checkpoints or when our kids insist on walking.  The only downsides to the G-LITE are that it does not recline so the kids can nap comfortably and the storage area is not as large as the VISTA access basket.

UPPAbaby VISTA with RumbleSeat in Kauai, HI

When I found out that I was expecting a second child, I purchased the PiggyBack board and RumbleSeat accessories for the VISTA, so that our son could stand or ride along with his new sibling.

The UPPAbaby MINU unboxed

I thought my stroller collection was complete but then…UPPAbaby released the MINU in 2018.  This stroller is EVERYTHING!!!

The MINU is a hybrid of the things I love about the VISTA and the G-LITE strollers.  It has the reclining seat feature that allows my kiddos to take naps while I explore, a large storage area under the seat, as well as a pocket in the back that’s perfect for my cell phone, binky or a random toy.  The MINU also has a strap and can be easily folded using only one hand (because as a momma of two small children, one hand is about all I can spare).  The MINU stroller is perfect for my family’s semi-nomadic lifestyle!

UPPAbaby MINU & G-LITE in Sydney, Australia

Austen in her MINU in San Diego, CA

The UPPAbaby MINU has revolutionized travel for my family.  We never leave home without our UPPAbaby strollers.  We take the MINU for our 2-year-old and the
G-LITE for our 5-year-old.  We still use the VISTA around town and for all trips to Disney to ensure premium comfort.

UPPAbaby VISTA at Disney World Orlando, FL

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