How to Plan a Family Vacation: 7 Practical Tips

Through countless trips and plenty of trial and error, I have come up with this fool-proof guide on how to plan a family vacation.  If you’re wondering how to plan a family vacation without losing your mind in the process, keep reading.

Without a budget, family vacation planning could easily fall apart, and we don’t want that!


Decide what kind of family vacation you want

It’s time to brainstorm the kind of vacation you want to share with your family. Think about your shared interests and vacation destinations that appeal to different types of people.

You can find tons of incredible resources online about your destination to help you figure out the best times to go, what to pack, local eats, and what to do once you arrive.

Do your research

Book your flights & transportation

Flights are typically the most expensive component of any family vacation. For this reason, it’s important to be flexible with dates, so you can take advantage of the best possible flight deals.

Book your family-friendly lodging

With your dates are locked in, it’s time to select your lodging. Think about the primary reason why you chose your destination, and how close to that attraction you want (or can afford) to stay.

Begin to build a rough itinerary that you can use as a template for your family vacation. A tentative itinerary will serve as a roadmap for the excursions and activities you want to plan for the family.

Build a tentative itinerary

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