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Our 2019 Travel Bucket List

by Tykesha77
2019 Family Travel Bucket List, Travel Bucket List for 2019
(Last Updated On: April 24, 2021)

It’s hard to believe that it’s already 2019.  Last year was a huge success and a bit of a whirlwind for my family and I.  After many years of dreaming about writing about my travels, we started Momma Wanderlust.  My family and I went on a few adventures that included, Orlando and Miami, Florida, Williamsburg, Virginia and San Diego, California.  I was even able to touch down on my 6th continent when we visited Sydney and Adelaide, Australia this past summer.

We are really excited to see what the new year has in store for us.  Here are our top travel destinations for 2019.   I will be scouring all of my favorite travel apps for a deal to make these trips happen without breaking the bank.



Morocco is at the very top of our travel bucket list.  I would love to start our journey in Marrakesh, stay in a posh Riad, explore the souks and take a 3-day camel safari through the Sahara Desert.  Then we would head to Chefchaouen (the Blue Pearl) to take in the sights and have a family photo shoot.


The Serengeti, Tanzania Courtesy:

When I first visited Tanzania, I was young and single.   I was so gobsmacked by the beauty of the country.  I knew almost instantly after landing that I would one day return with my future family.   A two-to-three-week trip would be a dream.  We can start our stay in Dar es Salaam.  I would love to retrace my original itinerary, in which I traveled, by bus from Dar to Arusha to enjoy a safari and camp near the Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti.  We drove through Morogoro Town and Moshi …where I got a glimpse of Mount Kilimanjaro.  When I visit with my family, I will probably not travel by bus, but driving cross-country is definitely the way to go.

New York City

Times Square, New York City Courtesy:

We live in a rural community south of Washington, DC.  My 4-year-old son loves the movie The Secret Life of Pets, which is a cartoon movie based in New York City.  He has been asking to visit New York City since watching the movie for the first time.   While visiting downtown Richmond, Virginia this summer, my son looked at the large buildings and asked if we were in New York City.   It occurred to me, that we are raising country mice.  Even though I travel to DC every day for work, my children’s entire universe is contained within a small, albeit loving and safe, rural town.  I am currently making plans my family to take a bite out of the Big Apple this summer.


Antarctica Courtesy:

I’ve wanted to visit Antarctica for roughly 15 years.  That was when I found out that taking a trek to the “White Continent” was an option for regular people (non-scientist or non-military).  When I researched the logistics of how to get to Antarctica, I learned that a spot on an Antarctic Expedition would cost approximately $10,000 per person.  That hefty price tag was a huge obstacle for me.  But I’m delighted to say that I have found a cheaper way to get there and am currently working to solidify plans to visit the 7th Continent one day soon.


Travel Bucket List for 2019

Courtesy: The Oregonian

It is my dream to travel to Astoria, Oregon with my family to go on a Goonies Tour.  The Goonies is one of my favorite childhood movies.   I would love to check out some of the locations in Astoria that were made famous by the movie.  When we visit, we’ll start our journey in Portland to enjoy the “weirdness” of that city for a day or two.  Then we will take a road trip up the Oregon Coast to take in all of the iconic beaches.  At some point on this trip, I will hop out of the car to yell “Hey You Guys” and “Goonies Never Say Die”  because I am a geek like that.


Travel Bucket List


Our dream of visiting Oregon is really a twofer, we would like to start in Oregon and drive up the West Coast all the way to Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada.  The driving distance from Portland, Oregon to Banff National Park is roughly 15 hours.

San Francisco

Travel Bucket List, Family Travel Bucket List for 2019


My 4-year-old is responsible for this bucket list choice as well.  He has been asking to visit San Fransokyo since he watched Big Hero 6 a couple of years ago. San Fransokyo is a hybrid of San Francisco and Tokyo.  It is the Marvel universe in which the main characters of the movie (Baymax and Hiro) live.   I have tried to explain that San Fransokyo is a make-believe place.  But once he saw the Golden Gate Bridge (which is slightly altered in the movie) he is convinced its real and continues to ask to visit.  Sooo San Francisco is now on our Family Travel Bucket list.


2019 Travel Bucket List

Courtesy: Imagine Africa

I know the country of Kenya has many fascinating sights.  But to be honest, I really want to visit so that we can stay in the super dope Giraffe Manor.

What’s on your travel bucket list?  Please share in the comments below.

Our 2019 Travel Bucket List (cover)

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