Cute Face Masks for Kids

by Tykesha77

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As the world starts to reopen, it’s become clear that our new “normal” will include social distancing and face masks (at least for the foreseeable future).

Since face coverings are now a requirement to enter most establishments, I’ve decided that it’s time to shop for face masks for my little ones.  I  compiled a list of some fun and comfy face masks for kids that I’ve found on the internet.

The CDC recommends that children 2 years old or older should wear “cloth face coverings” when in public. For more information about when and how to wear a face mask, click here.


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Crayola is selling the School Mask Pack, which is a 5-pack reusable cloth face mask sets.  The pack includes a mask for each day of the school week. The set costs $29.99 is available for pre-order.


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shopDisney has a large selection of Disney cloth face masks.  From Winnie the Pooh to Star Wars there’s something in this collection for every Disney lover.  Each 4-pack set costs $19.99. They are available for pre-order.

Etsy Children’s Face Mask

Etsy retailers have a large offering of fun, friendly kid-themed face masks.  Be sure to CDC recommendations when making your selection. The children’s face masks cost between $8-$15.


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Nordstrom has a set of 8 stylish reusable face masks for kids for $35.00. They also sell a 6-pack of pleated cotton face masks for $22.00.

Old Navy

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This popular clothing brand has created reusable 3-ply masks made of 100% cotton and they offer an array of patterns and colors.  Old Navy is selling its 3-pack of masks for $7.50 and a 5-pack for $12.50.


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Vistaprint has eight reusable kid mask designs to include planets, dinosaurs, and stripes.  The masks are made with four layers and they have adjustable ear straps for comfort and snug fit.  The kids’ face masks are for children ages 4 years old and older and they have a slot for a filter. You can purchase a 10-pack of filters for $10.

These masks are not medical-grade protection against disease and germs. Hopefully, these colorful and cute face masks help to make your kid’s mask-wearing experience fun!

Stay safe!


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