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BabyQuip: The Best Travel Hack for Families on the Go

by Tykesha77

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 BabyQuip Stroller Rental

BabyQuip Rental Stroller at the Ancient Spanish Monastery in Miami, FLBabyQuip Baby Rental Supplies

Let’s face it…traveling with toddlers/babies is stressful.  If you’re anything like me, you pack almost everything in an attempt to preempt anything from kid meltdowns to all-out mutiny.  But overpacking only makes family travel cumbersome and even more difficult.

A couple of months ago I learned about a baby equipment rental company for traveling families called BabyQuip.  This company allows folks to rent items like strollers, cribs, car seats, pack & plays, and even toys, while they’re on vacation. There are hundreds of baby equipment providers all over the US and Canada AND they can deliver and set the items up in your hotel or vacation rental.  Think…Airbnb but for baby equipment!  The concept is ingenious!!

But to keep it all the way 100, I was a bit apprehensive about the service because I’m a germaphobe…BIG TIME!  So, the idea of borrowing previously used baby equipment from a family I don’t know was tough for me. But I’m down to try any hack that will make traveling with a 5-and 2-year-old easier.  I opted to try the rental company out during a low-key family vacation to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

My Experience

I decided to rent a stroller (UPPAbaby Cruz) with BabyQuip for our vacation.  I chose that stroller because I love the UPPAbaby brand (you can read more about that here) but I don’t have a Cruz and I thought it would be fun to take it for a spin while on vacation.  The rental price for a BabyQuip stroller in South Florida is roughly $10 a day.

You can opt to have all of the equipment delivered and set up at your hotel, resort or Airbnb for an additional fee. I decided to save money and pick my rental stroller up. Since we were staying in Broward County, I booked my reservation with Devanne Barr, who lived nearby.  When I arrived to pick the stroller up,  I was pleasantly surprised by how IMMACULATE the stroller was.

BabyQuip Stroller Rental

The provider (Devanne) was so sweet.  In addition to making sure that the stroller looked almost brand new, Devanne and I had a chat about the area and some kid-friendly activities we should check out.  And as I was about to leave, she handed me a bag filled with stroller accessories to include a rain cover, snack tray, attachable fan, and a cute little coloring book for our daughter.  Austen loved the gift by the way!

Goodie Bag from BabyQuip Provider

How it works

Making my reservation was easy. I created a profile on the BabyQuip website, plugged in my dates and destination, selected a provider (all of whom have had background checks), entered my destination location and within a few minutes, I was done.  So easy!

The Plug

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience using BabyQuip and I’d TOTALLY use them again!!  Here’s the link to the BabyQuip website.  Use my promo code MOMMAWANDERLUST to save 10% off your next BabyQuip rental.

*Disclaimer:  BabyQuip sponsored our rental stroller.  As always, all opinions are my own.

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